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4th Grade Decimal Lesson Plan


This lesson allows students to role play ordering meals from a menu in order to practice adding and subtracting decimal numbers.

Standards: 4.1.A, 4.1.B

Objectives: Students will be able to add and subtract decimals.

Procedure: Review previous lesson comparing decimals by having students put these number in order from least to greatest: 1.03, 0.33, 3.00, 0.13, 0.31

Show students that adding and subtracting decimals is just like other numbers, BUT you must keep the decimals lined up AND you can fill in zeros if you need them to the right of the decimal.  Do several examples on the board, showing how to fill in zeros when needed.  Use money examples (allowance of $5.00 per week for 2 weeks = $10.00, then buy a bargain video for $6.99, what is left = $3.01). 

Students will practice adding and subtracting with decimals by doing Menu Math activity.  In groups of three, they will take turns being the customers and the waiter for three meals.  They will start with $50.00 at the beginning of the day.  Each customer will place an order for breakfast in round 1.  The 2 customers will add up their individual orders and subtract the total from the $50.00 they started with.  The waiter will add up both orders for the table.  Repeat in round 2 by ordering lunch.  The customers subtract their total from what they had left after breakfast.  Repeat in round 3 by ordering dinner.  Only one of each item can be ordered per person.  You can only have an item once during the day.  A meal can have one main dish, one side order or soup, one beverage and one dessert.  After three rounds, see who was able to spend the most money for their meals without going over $50.00.

Assessment: Review student work.

Sample Student Work


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